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dupage. new grass and new hope the bears have only themselves to blame. wgn news @ 9 making $56,000 a year never guess this city worker would become a lifetime millionaire. how did he do it? not the lottery simply retired and got it on a special deal. we began with mark suppelsa wgn special investigation pension perk benefiting a couple dozen union the bidders 1 leader turned into a $5 million man. could look fighting to cut the deal. for nearly a decade dennis gannon the voice of chicago's working men and women. like for jobs higher wages and better benefits. paid off at least for
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dennis gannon when most other city workers retire and there will average about $29,000 a year. dennis gannon he will pocket more than $158,000 this year. roughly $5 million over the expected life span. quite a tale like any good story starts on a long ago in a city far away. political changing of the guard in springfield governor thompson on his way out his last day in office signed a bill that would make dennis gannon and a few others union leaders future millionaires. one of those of backroom deals that causes an extraordinary memory loss know what we asked remembered. five senators and five presented tips and names like senate pres. john cullerton all 1 * senate president in that room a few golden words appear to be built
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said a union leader city pension would be based on much higher union management salary not on their lower city worker salary. perfect time at all eight died like dennis gannon who started out as a city steamroller two months after the bill became law took a leave of absence from streets and sanitation to become a union negotiator bump it up to celebrate a lot the way. civic federation long railed against the pension perk. >> in a nutshell a loophole like that who does it hurt? >> parts of the taxpayers of the regular employees because the pension funds are in danger of running out of money. >> economic impact has been staggering dennis gannon one of two dozen bidders who stand to collect $56 million from the city pension fund. >> we need to the general assembly all members of the general assembly to basically recognize these pension funds are not a special treasure trove
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of opportunity. for rewards and punishment. it is a program that hard work and government employees have earned and the benefits should be tied to the work they did. >> as a the story unfolds of the plot takes a wicked twist for dennis gannon near the losing the chance for the lucrative deal records show dennis gannon resigned his city job in the early 1990's cash and out of the pension fund should have put a stop to any future benefits. >> domino affect >> hold on, dennis gannon doubt another sweet deal for himself eight months after he quit the city hired him back for just one day, just one day went back to this higher pay and you get a job with an open-ended leave of absence never worked for the city again the one that they bought him in 33 years as a chicago employee and allowed him to retire at the ripe old age of 50 years old. the game and the
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system. by the way before dennis gannon did retire he wanted to know how much he had to pay to get back into the pension plan. went as far to contact senate pres. john cullerton cfo before finalize to talk to help qualify with new state legislation. as it turned out not necessary for him to get his penchant a month at the highest paid retirees into the city his pay is so high the pension board had to ask the irs for clearance to pay dennis gannon all of his money. dennis gannon already received about a million dollars from the city pension would not talk to westgate busse statement proud of many years of service always followed pension law. daley cfo said he had no recollection of the case because it was 13 years ago, senate pres. john cullerton also did not want to talk to us but did give us a link the statement
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wants to remedy the pension loophole directed his staff to address concerns. not be so easy to thanks to the illinois constitution and maybe impossible to reduce the pensions of union officials read more tomorrow >> parenting group and waukegan calling on all parents to keep their kids out of school on friday waukegan parents united rallied the madness school buses be restored to all children forced waukegan district 60 to stop school busing students less than 1.5 mi. from their school. parents believe walking on busy streets put their children in danger. batt but children have to cross very hazardous road conditions principal roads like belvidere cars are not traveling 30 mi. per hour speed limit they are way above that >> tomorrow the school board will hold a meeting with parents to try to resolve the problem and stop the boycott
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>> worried about where your next meal may come prom? not alone. nearly 1 million people across chicago and cook county concerned about where their next meal would come from. examining all city's 77 neighborhoods at 119 suburbs in cook county found nearly 20 percent of city residents concerned or considered food insecure in a county the number 15%. food suppository working to feed the needy and reducing the sources of the problems >> the hover is something in our backyard something we need to address on a city and the national level. hogger is more pervasive is everywhere not necessarily who you think it is. >> riverdale neighborhood has the highest food insecurity rate of 41%. ford heights 56%. wal- mart market store opening in chicago west loop location
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latest effort to expand it to chicago after years of fighting union attempts to keep the chain out. plans to open seven more chicago stores in the next two years. brutal beating a 14 year- old in a coma the gang banger charged with the crime remains behind bars today. live from children's memorial hospital >> brian deleon has been in a coma for eight full days family says not optimistic he is going to pull through the good news the alleged attacker formally charged. 19 year-old esteban miranda called a danger to society by the judge held without bail on charges of attempted murder and robbery. last tuesday night prosecutors say he and three other gang members of driving around chicago logan square neighborhood looking for a rival gang members to beat up brian deleon 14 year-old walking from
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his girlfriend's house west bloomingdale avenue esteban miranda jumped out of a vehicle with a metal baseball bat police called it a case of mistaken identity other three gang members yelled at esteban miranda boy and not in a dank but esteban miranda did not listen started to beat him with a bat. left the boy lying on the ground esteban miranda told his cell phone and called the boy's girlfriend with the telephone and they concur 8 voicemail celebrating in the beating. investigators have the voice mail saved. prosecutors said esteban miranda are dead by fellow gang members after today's hearing esteban miranda family members left the hearing without speaking attorney said he was not one responsible for the brutal attack. >> when the case is over everybody will see that my client is innocent we do feel bad for the family of brian deleon however my client did not commit the crime. >> 19 year-old esteban miranda held without bail are arrested on sunday along with another gang member allegedly there
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during the assault and two others are arrested on monday but only esteban miranda has been charged. >> controversial execution in georgia on hold for now troy davis posted be put to death more than three hours ago prison officials are waiting to hear from the united states supreme court considering a last-minute appeal. hundreds of protesters gathered outside the prison where troy davis being held tonight convicted of murder rent a savannah police officer more than 20 years ago since the conviction seven out of the 9 eyewitnesses on the case have been changed or recanted their testimony we have a live picture of protesters outside of the united states supreme court. decision awaited united states supreme court, troy davis troy be put to death in georgia tonight? coming up a brutal battle county employees having to take pay cuts why not commissioners? and wounded warrior in the south suburbs and finally free american hikers
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jailed as spies and iran and add to their ordeal. and tom skilling temperatures set to dip but they're not worried at the warmth will return sometime next week hello tom skilling. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' school get extra stuff. ♪ ♪ like musical instruments.
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wgn news @ 9 the chicago police and their families worry every day about the dangers of the job nobody envisioned the strange accidental death of officer kevin robinson autopsy results show he was exposed to harmful fumes morgan park police station at medical examiner points to cleaning chemicals sprayed from a can and march weeks later officer kevin robinson suffered a lung illness and died a 15 year veteran at just 42 years old illinois department of labor is investigating. some cook county commissioners will not join 23,000 other employees taking 10 furlough days without pay that to help fix count the deep budget deficit. commissioners williams beavers and earlean collins say taking a pay cut is illegal to the state constitution also said it not fair for her office to take pay production. county board president toni preckwinkle says not asking and the commissioner
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to do anything she has not done herself. and congressman joe walsh newly drawn congressional 14th district candidate new real map, shown in yellow, or the areas of north and west of chicago this will pit joe walsh against republican congressman randy hultgren in the primary next year if the new boundary lines survive a court challenge. joe walsh right now represents the 8th district lines for that district redrawn in favor of democrats. tonight it will give the united states marine the united with his mother warrior watch riders best friends and neighbors joyously welcomed back sgt. donald raymond 22 year-old who are big purple heart a year ago and afghanistan flushed out a sniper shot in the soldier shoulder severely injured mother has seen in the first time since that happened >> he is a hero he does not want
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to believe that but he is all men and women deserve to be brought home like this takes a certain kind of person to do the things they do all the debt and to join and they deserve every bit of this homecoming if not more >> for me is just a job it is just my job and i do what i love to do now sgt. donald raymond levy did use of his left hand 2- 3 years of rehabilitation to go. still to come president obama does take a side on the palestinian bid to be recognized as a state by the united nations and were you confused by facebook today? how to navigate the new design [ female announcer ] from the very first moment we arrive... we're on the move. ♪ ♪ and we don't want anything ever, to slow us down. so it's surprising that most women aren't getting enough calcium. but thankfully with over 25 great flavors like strawberry cheesecake and blackberry harvest
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wgn news @ 9 two american hikers finally sent home josh fattal and shane bauer of of the airplane up ones waiting with open arms including sarah shourd released last year on medical grounds iran to them spies and demanded $1 billion in bell >> so happy we are freed two years in prison is too long we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly prisoners and america and iran >> freedom coincides with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad visit to the united nations giving a speech to the general assembly, president obama no short cut to peace in the middle east attempted
9:19 pm
shutdown united nations palestine try to be added as a member state president said palestinians deserve an independent state but threatening to block any efforts to force the issue to the united nations. says israel and palestinians much must reach an agreement on issues that divide that not the international community. raising money for an international campaign warren buffett tickets costing bear the $36,000 apiece president obama proposes a tax plan this week including the buffet rule would raise taxes on the wealthy. not expected to attend the fund-raiser. after school matters program founded by maggie daley. 1993 about 200 chicago public high-school students participated in the program this year some 20,000
9:20 pm
students taking part. learn and demonstrate the development artistic ability and a wide variety of programs. as we reflect positive impact we have had so many lives and communities over the past 20 years we must also look forward to exploring new ways to maximize opportunities to reach more teenagers. >> former first lady at maggie daley thank many businesses and corporations responding to the after school matters program over the years become a nationally recognized model for after-school program serpentine enters. >> chicago tribune editorial cartoonist scott stantis says not to worry about political fundraisers instead he wants to know where are the jobs for the state's unemployed? and he gives us his suggestion on how to get the jobs here. >> last week you may remember i talked about the terrible economy in illinois the governor
9:21 pm
same governor in the middle of baby section one of the lowest rates of job creation -- the corporate tax. lo and behold what happens this week we get headlines like this if you are familiar with my cartoons or semite rats weekly on wgn you know my politics and you may or may not agree that does not matter with what we are talking about here because white we may not share the same politics we share the same values, we want jobs and more importantly we want our kids to have jobs and their children to have the same kind of future we have in illinois and that just is not happening. what can we do? the answer seems pretty simple because as you know the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result. i think we know where we have to start that is my stantis for now and one more thing after the
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cartoon caption contest at n/stantis be smart and quick. >> disorder forces a professional musician to change the way he plays still to come turning a challenge into an inspiration and tom skilling says at least 10 degrees at drop tomorrow and temperatures some registered many voted time to see it live wgn tv partner in with the rise and how sweet the sound helping search best gospel choir in america on sweet the sound for ticket information.
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breaking news one of the top stories we told you about troy davis #$%%# of killing a police officer in the georgia supposed to be put to death three hours ago but last minute request to
9:28 pm
united states supreme court in washington to save the execution and waited for that decision apparently has just come down denied the request apparently mr. davis will be put to death sometimes in the next several hours. >> going to take a nosedive tomorrow temperatures >> yes you don't to be cooler tomorrow and going to stay for awhile but a big war about coming next week more substantial rainfall that we have seen for part of the week talking about that at that moment but this is a beautiful time of the year and heather harson of naperville amazing photographer submit pictures on facebook page nothing like autumn colors to see the full
9:29 pm
duty others and nights to come as well. gorgeous and the sunny today broke a streak of eight consecutive days by going above normal today. late in the day we started to see indications that despite the beauty in the midst of a powerful storm with a drive whichy wedge couple hundred miles across low humidity beautiful sunny skies gave way to these clouds on the backside of this storm setting up over lake superior circulating cool air down and as a look at the big picture you can see what is starting to happen. the warm air is running up and will swim over the top of the cool air mass warm air will run over the top setting up what is called a cut off float that spans four days. tonight getting downright
9:30 pm
chilly toward alexandria and you notice a big change tomorrow morning 61 degrees will not be that high and more stations reported wind gusts shark you where the band is still blowing it wind field started to diminish as the cool air takes over. double digit temperature drops wind gusting up to 30 m.p.h. water temperature at 67 degrees and a mold spores of the charts today. 55,000 was the count and 50,000 ofis the mark for the extreme level weed pollen was a moderate trouble for the hay fever and allergy sufferers this evening a bad season. '70s across the metro area today after '50s-low 60s last night what is going on to the north and west of the frost
9:31 pm
advisories given insight into what is happening cooler air spilling into the region and it looks like we will have october level of low 60s coming in the next several days backwash clouds increase in the next couple of days september running all ready to degrees above normal just over one-third of the amount of rainfall. you can see the circulation cool air satellite coming down here and the wind will fade away at the surface as you can see by the shrinking colorized area of strong wind but at the same token it the upper wind will not be fading away in fact it big opera storm development as the main it jet stream shoots over the top bring in a decree barred into parts of ontario while we settle into the weekend in the '60s. cool air gets trapped cut off as we said. when the circulating on ground that tugging atlantic moisture westward increasing the chances for rain fall with time by
9:32 pm
friday night-saturday pretty good showers. warped taken up residence across the county after that. regent of united states expectant temperatures late-season warm spell clouds next couple of days will not be solid as evident here that is the forecast satellite picture tomorrow morning evening we continue into friday morning betting patches of sun and clouds start to think again on friday it watch what happens injecting moisture pretty good area of cloud cover friday night and saturday you concede that in the forecast of rainfall. died out at night reform again friday afternoon and evening look at the moisture spreading westward getting pretty good rain amounts come back showing you that in a bid looks like it could be pretty wet on saturday
9:33 pm
and even sunday asking for showers big rig in the weather it says that could impact the bears camp. noticeably cooler tonight 46 degrees and west wind at 7-18 mi. per hour extensive cloud does not a total overcast. characterized as partly sunny at times a few sprinkles could develop amid the october level of 60 degree temperatures tomorrow afternoon 46 degrees mostly cloudy with sprinkles tomorrow night and fair the cloudy cool again cloudier friday that tomorrow with more and sprinkles and afternoon showers showers may become more substantial late friday night or saturday. back to numbers and more on the weekend forecast >> have you ever donated money to a cause? wish you can drive
9:34 pm
straight to where your money has gone? happened today as donors and board members of the metropolitan family services in joint the city chicago tribune publisher tony hunter posted the december fundraiser pouring into a vital southwest centers while a head start school poor kids under the poverty line and haven for the cubs of elder and domestic abuse and other services for the poor. and in musician overcoming the odds after being diagnosed with a rare movement disorder next lp be taught himself to play the guitar. millions of americans log onto facebook this morning face and confusion. [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury crescent dogs with just a few ingredients you have an easy dinner... pillsbury crescent dogs...
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[ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. [ male announcer ] somewhere, there's a perfectly good lasagna being sent to the back of a freezer. and it's all because someone said "tacos." old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. medical watch losing control to imagine one day to a muscle stop work and happened to one man a professional musician career threatened composed a new plan and now wants others to hear the message >> not a traditional message plays his guitar at the back with no stomach just figure movements to create the music >> love to music since i was a kid all i wanted to do with my life >> life changed suddenly 11
9:38 pm
years ago when his right hand to stop working >> to have my fingers of beverly go out of control and lose the connection with my brand while i was planned concerts' it was devastated >> even more devastating here as in his diagnosis >> the first time i heard the word dystonia i thought that this doctor was telling me about a country in europe >> maeystown the obscure but a very real movement disorder that causes the muscle to contract and a spasm and voluntarily forced into the body into repetitive twisting movements there is no cure medication a physical therapy and the surgery help controlled substance >> i used to hold the guitar this way and a lot of the pieces i play today i play thousands and thousands of time as a right-handed player and about what i have had to do is reprogram both hands so i was able to find a way to start to play at all what it the way he
9:39 pm
found in new purpose. it is just powerful for me to be abroad and what with dystonia spent three plus years not knowing what was wrong with me leaving the doctor's office is thinking i was going crazy because they would examine my hand and arm and said there is nothing wrong and it must be in your head at >> the need to help others faced with the same challenges >> when you finally find other people who know what you are going through there is a great sense of community. he will perform at the main stage peter in chicago tomorrow night learn more about his concept and dystonia on our website >> we have a developing story tonight more than a dozen people nauseous and dizzy at the school gym people started getting sick
9:40 pm
at alaina elementary school alsip the agenda being rented out for cheerleading practice by alsip, 45 minutes into the practice the girls started complaining about being unable to catch their breath nauseous and it is the one girl briefly passed out sent to area hospitals fire crews but not by getting gas problems. facebook users a new look new features very little explanation what is different and the chicago bears' offense may be struggling but the green bay packers defense has had its problems giving us their take later in sports. [ female announcer ] these are the grands! biscuits you love with dinner. and these are the ones you'll love as dinner. grands! mini pizzas. grands! biscuit dough... plus 3 ingredients make an easy dinner everyone loves. grands! mini pizzas... from pillsbury. let's get chinese. should we order panda blossom, panda moon...
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last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals. you can raise money for your kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts. wgn news @ 9 dazed and used the state many users fell today facebook taken us through the bump detour >> marcus leshock right here if you are like me you noticed massive changes on facebook on your new speed and also noticed hundreds-thousands of people complaining rather loudly about
9:44 pm
said changes just complain about changes caribbean tower talking to a social media experts about the changes and if they are a good thing >> it is just getting used to where things are for the most part is just the way it is presented >> social media specialist with tribune company spent the morning digging through what is new with facebook starting with the new speed >> there is a top story section shows up over here narrowing it down to recently shows last two hours using the facebook algorithm did not read the tell you how it works chooses which of stories go up there in this case a close friend would have a top story >> how does facebook know who your close friends are? >> you can have a separate lists
9:45 pm
for close friends and acquaintances you could always do this before but now you can actually buy and to choose to drop down menu whether they are a close friend or acquaintance and it shows you over here on the side a list >> on the the right you can see a real-time notification ticker >> that is exactly what that is if they like the photograph or whatever the case may be it all shows up >> going to make it more difficult on television already i can see something should not be on television >> in just when you get the hang of this get ready for subscriptions you can follow a person's status updates without being their friend >> overall a subscriber feature interesting for an individual thinking of getting a fan page does away with that not impossible not unheard of for an individual to have a fan page but more so going to be a
9:46 pm
subscriber base for an individual >> have you been on facebook yet today? have you seen the changes? >> yes they are trying to make it like twitter >> they need to change that back >> you get used to it sometime and then they change it you have to get used to it again >> i use it everyday what is going on but my friends >> do you get annoyed when they change things on the screen? >> not really know i just think that is the way it is not to keep changing it >> absolutely very good we may be old but we are not quite unable to go with the float >> i am not saying anything. >> she was fined what was your problem? just asking tom
9:47 pm
skilling is excellent at everything >> well, i will tell you, i have not figured this stuff out yet all of these changes still about waiting, by the way it looks like michaah gorgeous weather beauteous days may be coming into next week. trouble some current temperatures look at how cool it is getting in the planes on the other hand northern saskatchewan is warmer than it is to hear tonight interesting the weather system developing suddenly looking wetter getting into the weekend a purple area 1 in. of water beebread area 1.5 inch actually we have had numbers of grid part numbers there a lot of this happens on a saturday look at some of those numbers, we can add lake moisture in the upper system and
9:48 pm
turn what might have been a doctor with sprinkles into a more substantial showers. stay with us in the next couple of days not carved in stone yet budde looks like the way we are going those models show that fifties and forties and lead tonight back to the low 60s tomorrow and into the 40's tomorrow night much cooler weather upper 50s cloudier friday dead tomorrow. even saturday it looks fairly cloudy and look at this weather system ophelia in the atlantic ocean way out there still a minimum system with 60 mi. per hour wind tropical storm actually pretty respectable for a tropical storm not a hurricane yet but we will keep an eye on that westward across the tropical atlantic. 60 mi. per hour tomorrow with mixed sonde more cloudy than friday with sprinkles light showers in the afternoon maybe more substantial showers on saturday cloudy on sunday most of the
9:49 pm
time with light showers and a sprinkle perhaps on monday and tuesday before the warm-up starts. that looks like a pretty impressive warm-up the middle- end of next week 17 days above the 70 that is what the record shows us not done with the board to yet. >> thank you tom skilling. >> mark suppelsa? >> thank you tom skilling. new sod at soldier field between the chicago bears and green bay packers should be better than it has been problems with the resod last few months and this is the first resodding since the summer contributed to problems the hot weather >> with the new field we have got with one that has more of a santa based content and the expectation obviously going to play well for the team provide them with great flooding and be
9:50 pm
able to be playable for a good number of games >> santa based sod not new to soldier field but the new sod replacing the play based sod had been laid down the field does have underground heating if necessary to help drive up the surface of the sod. coming up talking about the chicago bears' offensive line coach ready to try just about anything to keep the pressure off of jay cutler on sunday and wrigley field finale different feeling for cubs third baseman aramis ramirez >> roan the next with sports per -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh.
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yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat packer week does not matter what happened to the first two weeks of the season in this packer week a different tone of their ad halas hall nfl oldest rivalry resumes we will see if the real chicago bears will step forward here is rich king who those chicago bears might be >> even though they are 2-0 the green bay packers are 30th in total defense numbers at this point in the season did not make too much specially in eight robberies game at batt but as much as there is hyped up in this rivalry they will be ready to play throw those numbers out because it is going to be a
9:54 pm
different pace and different scenario and atmosphere for those guys but they are going to be ready to play >> the defense cause a lot of turnovers but there are openings for some big plays of the last two games take advantage of that >> packers are fourth in the league in points scored battered in new orleans gabe corimi out already manned by second stringers jay cutler was sacked six times making it 11 in two games >> we are not disappointed by anybody who came in and played not at all a lot of things involved more often than not more of the case than anything just what we have prepared for these guys off the target is a little bit >> you guys have been around here i will consider anything i
9:55 pm
do not know if i have anything in me giving it a whirl >> added appears gabe corimi out for quite some time with a dislocated kneecap ankle on the band may be pretty for the packers on sunday from lake forest wgn news >> i was out at wrigley field perfect baseball afternoon blue skies and sunshine ivy waving in the breeze as bad as it has been for the chicago cubs you hate to see it and last home game souvenirs' in the bleachers and closing starlin castro in on 200 hits with 2 more today not with 199, in the sixth inning marlon byrd putting the game on ice with two on board a rope to left field a three run home run a 86- 1 cubs lead and matt garza getting to the start and finish complete game victory finishing
9:56 pm
not contemplate life without aramis ramirez who says heading into free agency when the season is over >> i know i probably will not come back here anymore lot >> not just 50 at 50 i do not know right now once i hit the market like i said going to have a better idea of what is going on. >> see you later in cleveland paul konerko would not add to this total of 30 home runs but everybody else went deep soak it seems to reliever of the indians alex rios right behind him back-to-back home runs 84 run lead at the same inning brent morel having a heck of a
9:57 pm
month seven home runs last 22 games white sox win big tonight a to-for more rumors about schools jumping conferences today. everything has calmed down for the moment everybody staying put but you'd never know what is going to happen anymore. >> nothing else changes. if things change more, you never know. >> that is it for us have a good night tonight. hey guys what can i get for you? i would like a decaf 360 calories please. and for you? i'll have a triple iced 410 calories please. you want the 40 whipped calories on that? uh, you know what... i'll have this instead. [ female announcer ] swap one thing a day for a yoplait light. with 33 flavors all around a hundred calories, a swap a day adds up to amazing. now you can add some crunch to your creamy.
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